John Gotch Ridley
A Brief Overview of Australia's
Beloved Evangelist

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Australia's Beloved Evangelist

Evangelist, John Gotch Ridley M.C., was saved in 1915 from a dead religion of man to a dynamic relationship with God, in the Burton St Baptist Tabernacle, Darlinghurst,  under Rev. William Lamb's powerful premillenial preaching of the second coming of Christ. (For full details click on & listen to  An Interview with John G.Ridley 1965 )

John G. Ridley was a purpose- driven communicator and a painter of word -pictures whose pen was mighty because of the sword of the spirit. He sowed faithfulness to the message of salvation here on earth and reaped fruitfulness in the ministry and service for time and eternity.

John G. Ridley was not only a prolific and terrific writer but also a persistent and tireless worker.He Co- founded the prophetic and premillenial voice of the Herald of Hope, and also established the teaching and training vehicle of the Australian Institute of Evangelism, which later become the Ambassadors for Christ.

John G. Ridley - a prayer warrior and soldier of the faith, who at one time nearly lost his own life in battle, undertook faithfully to herald and understood first hand how important and imperative it is, to prepare for ETERNITY. The helpless sound, the hopeless sight and the horrible smell of the sting of death surrounded him like a constant companion, in the war as a soldier of WWI and in the work as a chaplain of WWII.

John G. Ridley received a military cross for his acts of bravery and action in battle at Bellicourt 1918 for risking his own life by bringing ammunition and ration to the front line and also for rescuing the wounded.

John G. Ridley - a veteran evangelist was not one to shy away from confronting his hearers with the truth of their eternal life & challenging their hearts to trust his everlasting Lord.


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